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Our Story

Welcome to WhoozCooking! We believe that eating well and living well go hand-in-hand. When we were tired of the choices available that did not offer the authenticity and convinience we were seeking, WhoozCooking was formed. WhoozCooking is an online platform where people can purchase fresh, healthy and authentic meals made by neighbors who are passionate about sharing their culture with the local community.

We’re always seeking time to sit down and enjoy a home cooked meal, revisit the tastes of childhood memories, or discover new flavors from other cultures. Whether you’re cooking or consuming, unique meals aren’t just nourishment, they’re a sensory experience from start to finish.

We know from personal experience that the food industry is restrictive, with high barriers to entry. Our platform empowers people who love sharing their culture through food. The home cooked meal from a grandmother, the college student video chatting with parents for recipes and proudly sharing food with friends, the mothers and fathers who destress by cooking. WhoozCooking enables all those individuals from various walks of life to strengthen communal ties and share their heritage. When we eat local and support our own communities, we all prosper.