Corporate Lunch Service

WhoozCooking has a network of over 50 local chefs that cook a variety of authentic, diverse and nourishing cuisines. These chefs are comprised of mostly 85% women who are budding entrepreneurs. 

The benefits to corporations and businesses are many : 

  • Research has revealed that there is a strong correlation between employee satisfaction and workplace food perks.
  • Provide small joys like company lunches to give team members the opportunity to socialize and bond without wasting time driving to a restaurant or looking through the food options available on food delivery apps.
  • Workplace Food Perks are cost-effective, yet premium: 

  - Flexible hybrid work solutions (choice of day of the week)

   - Support real people within your own community who make these  meals with extreme care

Signing up is simple. You will have a dedicated support specialist that will manage reoccurring weekly meals. All you decide is type of cuisine(s), dietary restrictions to consider, number of employees and day(s) of the week. The meals will be delivered at a time you designate on disposable containers along with take out containers for any left overs! Most chefs prepare meals family style or individually packaged as per client choice. Budgets range within $18-$24 per meal for lunch. We have offerings for Breakfast and Dinner as well. Just let us know what you desire and we make it happen! 

Ready to get started? Just simply shoot us an email at .

The meals shown below are just a sampling of the offerings! You can visit to view additional listings. Our corporate service aims to take the stress away from the planning. Simply choose a cuisine and your dietary preferences & we make it happen! 

 Choose a cuisine of choice and we will send a customized menu! 

Indian, South American, Mediterranean, Italian, Southern Soul Food, Cuban, African, Asian, New American

Sample Menus are found below but once you choose a Cuisine Type our team will email a list of menu choices to choose from weekly. 


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