Appcast Lunch


Our days begin and end sitting together at the table, sharing food, thoughts, expectations, and experiences. That’s how our vision of connecting these chefs to you came to fruition – the meals they create are from their heritage to your home. We hope you enjoy their meals just as much as we have enjoyed connecting them to you. 

It’s been a pleasure to meet you. Thank you so much for coming by. If you would like to order for dinner you can always find us at www.whoozcooking.

           Southern Soul Food Lunch for Wednesday, Feb. 1st 
Prepared by Chef Jenerra
A bit about Jenerra: 
Born in the midwest and raised in the South, my love of food and cooking journey began with the melding of the two. As an adult, food became a way to show my love and gratitude to my family, friends, and community, just as it has been shown to me. A strong appreciation for food is a core part of who I am. Food is a connector and has connected me to many different people, places, and experiences, for which I am truly grateful. I now reside in Boston and have traveled to many places in the US and abroad. All have influenced me as a chef. I enjoy cooking foods that fall into the “comfort” category -chicken, fish, and beef in many ways, fresh vegetables, pasta, grains, etc. I also love to dabble in Asian, Latinx, and West African cuisine. I have a bit of a sweet tooth, so desserts are also high on the list. I’m an all-around foodie!



Blackened Salmon

Red beans and rice

Johnny cake (pancake style cornbread)

Hot sauce


Blackened chicken

Candied yams (sweet potatoes)

Black-eyed peas

Chow chow (southern pickled relish condiment)