Cooking Demos

At WhoozCooking, we’re a diverse crew—including marathoners, nutrition freaks, gardeners and world travelers. But what we all share is a love of delicious and nutritious food, a commitment to our community, and protecting our planet. Here are just a few ways we make sure to uphold these values:

  • carbon neutral shipping for any ecommerce goods our chefs may ship for cooking demos 
  • packaging for our every day order shipping - compostable containers! 
  • Reusable insulated bags

And..if you are not in an area where our chefs are located, you can now bring home the most delicious recipes passed down from generations via our online cooking demos. Let us take you on a global culinary journey to discover, access and learn from local chefs (real people in local communities who may not be famous just yet but are profoundly talented!). 

The virtual demo is interactive and combines rich, storytelling with immersive, hands-on learning experiences to deliver an experience that is inspirational and educational and best of all, easy to follow and replicate! They will share their life experiences and a signature dish following techniques not well known. The dishes represent how the chefs eat in their own homes thus are the true authentic representation of the cultures. All demos are about 45-60 min. in length. 

Discover classes from chefs, representing Africa to Texas, China, India, Greece, Jamaica or anywhere you would imagine!

You can just request a culinary demo, a date and time and choose the region you would like to be connected with. We work with a chef and offer a zoom link that anyone is able to join (500 max. attendees). 

This is a great way to celebrate diversity and offer connections to peers while supporting entrepreneurs in local communities! 

Pricing based on number of demos purchased: Demos can be from rotating chefs and regions! 

$500 - Package of 2 Culinary demos 
$800 - Package of 4 Culinary demos