Greek (Non-Vegetarian) Cuban Lunch
Chef Sophia Aiello

Greek (Non-Vegetarian) Cuban Lunch

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This meal includes Cilantro Lime Chicken with maduros (sweet plantains),  a side of fresh salsa accompanied with brown rice and black beans. This dish is authentic and it is very flavorful. 

A bit about Chef Sophia

Growing up in a Greek family, food has always been a very important part of my life. Food brings us all together on a common ground and that is what has always intrigued me. Growing up watching my grandparents, aunts and uncles preparing dishes for our family, I always loved comparing how different family members would prepare the same traditional dishes. I later melded all their influence and created my own versions of dishes that are dear to my heart and my culture. After marrying into an Italian family with very similar passion about food, I quickly adopted many Italian dishes into my repertoire that have only expanded my love for cooking. Both cultures emphasize fresh flavors that focus on garden fresh produce and simplicity of what nature provides. I hope you enjoy the lunch that created for you!