Indian Vegetarian Meal

Indian Vegetarian Meal

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This meal includes Aloo Matar Gobi, a delicious dry curry made of potatoes, cauliflower and green peas mixed with spices. It is served with cumin flavored basmati rice, daal (lentils) and salad. The dishes are made fresh and cooked to perfection!

A bit about Chef Shakaib:

Chef Shakaib was born and brought up in Lucknow, the Mecca of Mughlai and Awadhi cuisine. As he embarked on his own journey, he missed the taste of authentic food from his own mom’s kitchen. His obsession for good food culminated into a Swiss hotel management diploma and then hand on work experiences in the kitchens of Oberoi Sheraton in India. In Boston, he found a base at the Bombay Club and then established his own eatery. This helped him perfect the art of cooking. As he presents to you this gourmet lunch option he is pleased to introduce you to the true tastes and authentic cuisines from the era of Nawabs when ingredients were pure and organic, ground fresh to please your taste buds. Explore and experience the nostalgia of yesteryears.